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About Us

Frivolous fun for feet!

What's more fun than socks? You need 'em, you wear 'em, you love 'em! We love 'em too, and are committed to manufacturing the highest quality socks with USA-grown cotton. Our American factory is located in the southeastern United States, and has been knitting socks for over two generations for some of the world’s finest, and well-known brands. They know what it takes to make high-quality socks, and you'll feel it when you slip into a pair of these babies!

Small company, big heart.

We're small home-based business located in California. We work with designers in Austin, Texas to bring our creations to life. The great outdoors inspires us, as well as our passion for Westfalia campers. We've owned and traveled in them for over 20 years, and love the VW community! Westies put a smile on everyone's face, and so will our fun-lovin' socks!