About Us

In a market saturated with cheap novelty socks made overseas, Boondoggle stands out in quality and integrity.

Boondoggle Goods is committed to manufacturing the highest quality socks with USA-grown cotton knit by hard-working Americans earning a living wage. Our American factory located in the southeastern United States, has been knitting socks for over two generations for some of the world’s finest, and well-known brands. They know what it takes to make high-quality socks, and you'll feel it when you slip into a pair of these babies! Our socks might cost a few extra bucks, but they're definitely worth it!

Small company, big heart.

Boondoggle Goods is a small, cottage business located in Northern California. The great outdoors inspires our designs, as well as our passion for Westfalia campers. Westys put a smile on everyone's face, and so will our fun-lovin' socks!